Need more practice.

The plan for the photos in this entry was to head up to the Battle of Britain Memorial in Capel le Ferne. The moon was 98% illuminated, it’s full on the 1st of July, and Venus and Jupiter would 0.5 degrees apart. I arrived on site in the brilliant sun light, set up the telescope and then pottered about a bit whilst waiting for the moon to rise. Because of the smog over France I couldn’t see the moon as it first appeared on the horizon, so I had to wait about 40 minutes until the moon was in the right position for imaging. By the time the moon was right the wind had picked up and was causing very bad vibration on the ‘scope. I think that is part of the problem with the quality of the close up moon photos. My favourite photo in tonight’s set is the one of the bird that is looking to the left. The image is crisp and sharp, I think I have the focus just about right, not bad considering the little bugger wouldn’t keep still.

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One thought on “Need more practice.

  1. These are great. And for taking them through a telescope, those moon ones are fantastic. Birds have this habit of not staying still. Little buggers.


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