I went on a bus trip with the intention of going down to Lydd-on-Sea to photograph soe of the derelict fishing boats. The bus arrived at the Pilot at 19:35, “jolly good” though I, I’ll have plenty of time to get a few shots in and grab the next bus up. I checked the times with the very helpful driver to discover that the next bus back to Folkestone was at 21:15, bugger!. In view of this I decided to stay on the bus and head back to Hythe. Know that the would be a bus up to home at about ten to nine I got off at St Saviours and walked down a path to the canal. With a twenty five minute window I took the pics that are displayed with this entry. For some reason the focus is a little off in some of them, despite the fact that the camera was set to autofocus, I will have to convince my mentor to come out with me one day.

Enjoy the photos, I’m particularly chuffed with the images of the moon.

Tomorrow the planets Venus & Jupiter will appear very close optically, don’t worry there won’t be any ill effects, so I’m going to have a go at that and get a couple more shots of the moon, this time though a telescope. I’ll publish the results when I get home.

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  1. These are awesome. The autofocus isn’t always accommodating and will focus on whatever it wants, even if it is a speck of dust up in the left corner of the cat’s eye nebula. Sometimes manual focus creates a better shot 🙂


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