Need more practice.

The plan for the photos in this entry was to head up to the Battle of Britain Memorial in Capel le Ferne. The moon was 98% illuminated, it’s full on the 1st of July, and Venus and Jupiter would 0.5 degrees apart. I arrived on site in the brilliant sun light, set up the telescope and then pottered about a bit whilst waiting for the moon to rise. Because of the smog over France I couldn’t see the moon as it first appeared on the horizon, so I had to wait about 40 minutes until the moon was in the right position for imaging. By the time the moon was right the wind had picked up and was causing very bad vibration on the ‘scope. I think that is part of the problem with the quality of the close up moon photos. My favourite photo in tonight’s set is the one of the bird that is looking to the left. The image is crisp and sharp, I think I have the focus just about right, not bad considering the little bugger wouldn’t keep still.

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I went on a bus trip with the intention of going down to Lydd-on-Sea to photograph soe of the derelict fishing boats. The bus arrived at the Pilot at 19:35, “jolly good” though I, I’ll have plenty of time to get a few shots in and grab the next bus up. I checked the times with the very helpful driver to discover that the next bus back to Folkestone was at 21:15, bugger!. In view of this I decided to stay on the bus and head back to Hythe. Know that the would be a bus up to home at about ten to nine I got off at St Saviours and walked down a path to the canal. With a twenty five minute window I took the pics that are displayed with this entry. For some reason the focus is a little off in some of them, despite the fact that the camera was set to autofocus, I will have to convince my mentor to come out with me one day.

Enjoy the photos, I’m particularly chuffed with the images of the moon.

Tomorrow the planets Venus & Jupiter will appear very close optically, don’t worry there won’t be any ill effects, so I’m going to have a go at that and get a couple more shots of the moon, this time though a telescope. I’ll publish the results when I get home.

“and so it begins!”

The images were taken on a sunny, but very windy, evening. Being a complete beginner my subjects are a little random. The camera I’m using is a Nikon D3200 with an 18-55 lens and a 55-300 zoom lens. It’s an upgrade from a Sony SLT a37. The Sony is a very good camera but I felt it was time for an upgrade, I considered a Canon but after a lot of research and knowing what I wanted to use the camera for the Nikon was the one I went for, obviously. The Nikon is very different to the Sony and there’s a lot for me to learn, so this blog will, hopefully, serve as a chronicle of my improvement in choice subject, framing and generally learning about the cameras capabilities.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, as things progress I’ll write a bit more about some of the images.